Jane Birkin

Actor, Singer, Playwright
Landed several lightweight movie roles in the 1960s, when her looks seemed to symbolize the swinging spirit of the times (she played one of the nude models in Antonioni's 1966 "Blow-Up") and subsequently resurfaced as a ... Read more »
Born: 12/14/1946 in London, England, GB


Actor (60)

The French Minister 2014 (Movie)

Molly Hutchinson (Actor)

Nobody's Daughter Haewon 2013 (Movie)

Seongjun's mama (Actor)

Twice Born 2013 (Movie)

Psicologa (Actor)

George Harrison: Living in the Material World 2011 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

If You Die, I'll Kill You 2011 (Movie)

Louise (Actor)

Around a Small Mountain 2010 (Movie)

Kate (Actor)

Thelma, Louise and Chantal 2010 (Movie)

Nelly (Actor)

Boxes 2007 (Movie)


La Tete De Maman 2007 (Movie)


Merci Docteur Rey 2004 (Movie)

Penelope (Actor)

Cinderella 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


Reines d'un jour 2001 (Movie)

Jane (Actor)

Soigne ta droite 2001 (Movie)

The Cricket (Actor)

This Is My Body 2001 (Movie)

Louise (Actor)

The Last September 2000 (Movie)

Francie Montmorency (Actor)

One Hundred and One Nights 1999 (Movie)

Furtive and Friendly Appearance (Actor)

Same Old Song 1999 (Movie)

Jane (Actor)

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries 1998 (Movie)

Mrs Fortescue (Actor)

Egon Schiele: Excess and Punishment 1996 (Movie)

Vally (Actor)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 1994 (Movie)

Woman's Voice (Actor)

Noir comme le souvenir 1994 (Movie)

Caroline (Actor)

Contre l'oubli 1991 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Daddy Nostalgia 1991 (Movie)

Caroline (Actor)

La Belle Noiseuse 1991 (Movie)

Liz (Actor)

Kung Fu Master! 1989 (Movie)

Mary Jane (Actor)

Beethoven's Nephew 1988 (Movie)

Johanna Van Beethoven (Actor)

Jane B. par Agnes V. 1988 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Comedie! 1987 (Movie)


Dust 1986 (Movie)

Magda (Actor)

La Femme de ma vie 1986 (Movie)

Laura (Actor)

Love on the Ground 1986 (Movie)

Emily (Actor)

Leave All Fair 1984 (Movie)

Katherine Mansfield (Actor)

La Pirate 1983 (Movie)

Alma (Actor)

Le Garde du Corps 1983 (Movie)

Barbara (Actor)

Circulez y'a rien a voir 1982 (Movie)

Helene Duvernet (Actor)

Evil Under the Sun 1982 (Movie)

Christine Redfern (Actor)

L' Ami de Vincent 1982 (Movie)

Marie-Pierre (Actor)

La Fille Prodigue 1980 (Movie)

Anne (Actor)

Au bout du bout du banc 1978 (Movie)

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Death on the Nile 1978 (Movie)

Louise Bourget (Actor)

La Miel 1978 (Movie)

Ines (Actor)

Melancolie Baby 1978 (Movie)

Olga (Actor)

Projection Privee 1978 (Movie)

Helene (Actor)

L' Animal 1976 (Movie)

Vedette Feminine (Actor)

Le Diable au Coeur 1975 (Movie)

Linda (Actor)

Catherine et Cie 1974 (Movie)

Catherine Graham (Actor)

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus 1974 (Movie)

Johnny (Actor)

La Course a l'echalote 1974 (Movie)

Janet (Actor)

Serieux comme le plaisir 1974 (Movie)

Ariane (Actor)

Seven Deaths By Prescription 1974 (Movie)

Jane (Actor)

La Moutarde me monte au nez 1973 (Movie)

Jackie Logan (Actor)

Le Mouton Enrage 1973 (Movie)

Marie Paule (Actor)

Dark Places 1972 (Movie)

Alta (Actor)

Romance of a Horse Thief 1971 (Movie)

Naomi (Actor)

Trop jolies pour etre honnetes 1971 (Movie)

Christine (Actor)

The Swimming Pool 1970 (Movie)

Penelope (Actor)

Cannabis 1969 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Wonderwall 1967 (Movie)

Penny (Actor)

Blow-Up 1966 (Movie)

Teenager (Actor)

Kaleidoscope 1966 (Movie)

Exquisite Thing (Actor)
Music (10)

By the Sea 2015 (Movie)

("Jane B") (Song Performer)

Daltry Calhoun 2005 (Movie)

("Je T' Aime Moi Non Plus") (Song)

Daltry Calhoun 2005 (Movie)

("Je T' Aime Moi Non Plus") (Song Performer)

Le Divorce 2003 (Movie)

("L'Anamour") (Song Performer)

Mad Cows 1999 (Movie)

song perfomer("Je t'aime moi non plus") (Song Performer)

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries 1998 (Movie)

("Di Doo Dah") (Song Performer)

Daddy Nostalgia 1991 (Movie)

("These Foolish Things") (Song Performer)

Thick as Thieves 1990 (Movie)

("Je t'aime /Moi non plus") (Song Performer)

Comedie! 1987 (Movie)

(end credits) (Song Performer)

The Rise and Fall of Ivor Dickie 1977 (Movie)

("Je T'aime") (Song Performer)
Director (3)

Boxes 2007 (Movie)


3000 Scenarios contre un virus 1993 (Movie)


Contre l'oubli 1991 (Movie)

Writer (1)

Kung Fu Master! 1989 (Movie)

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Landed several lightweight movie roles in the 1960s, when her looks seemed to symbolize the swinging spirit of the times (she played one of the nude models in Antonioni's 1966 "Blow-Up") and subsequently resurfaced as a respected talent in France. Birkin was the subject of a documentary by Agnes Varda, "Jane B. par Agnes V." (1988) and gave an affecting performance opposite Dirk Bogarde in Bertrand Tavernier's "Daddy Nostalgia" (1990). Her younger daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg, by composer-director Serge Gainsbourg, is also an actress and her brother is writer-director Andrew Birkin ("Burning Secret" 1988). The ultra-expensive luxury item the Birkin bag was created by Hermès head Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984, inspired by a meeting with the actress and singer in which she complained about never finding a leather purse she really liked. Birkin's daughter with British film composer John Barry, fashion photographer Kate Barry, committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of her Paris apartment on December 11, 2013.


John Barry

met when Birkin appeared in his musical, "Passion Flower Hotel", at age 18 married in 1966 divorced in 1968

Kate Barry

born in 1967 father, John Barry founded a drug rehab center

Andrew Birkin


Judy Campbell

appeared in plays written by Noel Coward

Jacques Doillon

began relationship in 1980 no longer together

Lou Doillon

born c. 1983 father, Jacques Doillon

Charlotte Gainsbourg Actor

Born July 21, 1971; father, Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg

met during filming of French film "Slogan" together from 1968 to 1980 died on March 2, 1991 at age 62

Charlotte Gainsbourg

born on July 21, 1971 father, Serge Gainsbourg


Kensington Academy



Cast opposite Dianne Wiest in "Merci Docteur Rey"


Recorded radio production of her play "Oh Sorry, Were You Asleep?"


Had featured role in Deborah Warner's feature directorial debut "The Last September"


Played the bohemian mother of a classmate of the titular character in "A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries"


Appeared in Alain Resnais' "On connait la chanson/Same Old Song"


Made first foray into classic tragedy appearing in Euripides' "Woman of Troy" at the National Theatre in England


Reteamed with Agnes Varda for "One Hundred and One Nights" (released in the USA in 1999)


Co-starred in Jacques Rivette's "La Belle Noiseuse"


Was subject and star of Agnes Varda's film, "Jane B. Par Agnes V."


Contributed story idea for Agnes Varda's "Kung Fu Master" (also actress)


TV acting debut, "Cinecitta" (with Vittorio Gassman)


Began singing career by recording "Je t'aime, moi non plus" with Serge Gainsbourg (also title of his first film as director)


First film appearance (bit part) in "The Knack"

Popular songs include "Yesterday Yes A Day" and "L'aquoiboniste".

London stage debut (bit part) in "Carving a Statue" aged 17

Known for such albums as "Arabesque" and "Rendez-Vous"

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Appointed to the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in June 2001.