Jane Krakowski Is Pregnant

jane krakowskiWhile in the Caribbean on vacation with her British clothing-designer husband, 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski was photographed having a bit of a belly. People Magazine pointed out it had been almost a year since the couple had gotten engaged and that since the picture shows her casually walking along the beach instead of actively swimming as a means of trying to work off the extra pounds, it must mean that she’s pregnant. Luckily enough for People, Krakowski is, in fact, pregnant, and they weren’t caught insinuating that if a person gains the slightest bit of weight they should drop everything until they can work it off.

Krakowski’s representative confirmed, “Jane and Robert are indeed expecting a baby. Both soon-to-be first-time parents could not be happier.” Last July, Krakowski said she and her fiancé hadn’t solidified any plans to officially get married, as she had been too busy filming. She said instead, they were “waiting for that moment where we check out some place and say, ‘Yes, this is it!'” Congratulations to them but, you know, I still think it’s likely that Kenneth is the father. Sorry.

Source: People, US