January Jones Gives Birth To A Baby Boy!

Betty Draper is a mom! Reports have confirmed that January Jones gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. According to her rep, “Mom and baby are doing great.” So what did the Mad Men star decide to name her precious newborn? The baby’s name is (drum roll please)…Xander Dane Jones. Common? No. Adorable? Absolutely! For a first time mom, she’s certainly showing up some of Hollywood’s veteran mothers who think numbers and fruit are proper names for children. Way to go January!

Jones announced her pregnancy in April, but has yet to disclose the identity of the child’s father (notice the baby is taking her last name). The star has dated Jason Sudeikis, singer Josh Groban and Ashton Kutcher in the past if you care to place bets on the plausible candidates. But with or without a man, January is ready to start a family. Back in June, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said the actress had been wanting a baby “very badly.” He also added that, “She’s got a big heart and she’s been talking about having children since I met her, which is not always common with actresses. I think she’s going to be amazing.” Well her long-time wish just came true — congratulations to the new mother!

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Source: US