Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Star in Orbit Gum Spoof

I’ve always wondered what actors do when they’re not with their families or maintaining their bodies as best they can, so the dude who airbrushes their cover shots can get home to feed his fish on time. In my head, when they’re not building tree-houses or trying to convince their spouses they’re important, actors pray to the shrine of themselves that they built by themselves.

But I’m wrong! It turns out, when actors aren’t doing real “Something About Mary” acting, they enjoy some good clean spoofs. A few of the talents who’ve recently enjoyed these kind of performances are Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Rachael Harris and Aubrey Plaza, who all appear in the first of three “Dirty Shorts” films. Bateman and Arnett’s DumbDumb studio and Ben Silverman’s production company, Electus, produced each of the five-minute shorts.

The first film (below) was co-produced by Orbit gum and Energy BBDO, which stands for something better than anything I could probably guess, but I’ll spend the rest of the day trying anyway. It’s called “The Prom Date,” and it’s about how great Orbit gum is at convincing the parents of an 18 year-old girl that she should be allowed to go to prom with her 40 year-old (and oddly superb at delivering puns) history teacher. Check it out because if this works, we could finally get our “Arrested Development” movie before our heads are floating in formaldehyde jugs and being studied by inquisitive students in China.

Source:The Wrap