Jason Bateman Apologizes: Celeb-Speak

ALTJason Bateman tweeted an apology yesterday for upsetting something like 2,000 people who were patiently waiting outside an Apple store in Los Angeles for the newest iPhone last week. After a Genius Bar employee spotted Bateman waiting in the line and playing Text Twist (I’m just guessing) on the now outdated device, he was plucked out of obscurity, ushered into the store and got a new phone before the people in the front of the line. That’s right! Otherwise known as “cutting in line!”

The apology stated, “If there were boos, I didn’t hear them. If some were mad, I didn’t see them. I wish I had. If you’re out there, I’m sorry.”

There’s the apology we wanted! Except, of course he didn’t hear the “boos” or see the mad people. He’s an actor! He wouldn’t be in the business if he “heard” and “saw” things!

Source: Twitter