Jason Segel & Paul Rudd Stoned Interview Video Goes Viral

Paul Rudd and Jason SegelkreezyFTW/YouTube

We all know Paul Rudd and Jason Segel smoke marijuana. Not only have they portrayed characters who smoke weed, we all know they’ve tried it — how else would Segel have decided to include a puppet musical about Dracula in his film Forgetting Sarah Marshall? But while we never know for sure unless a celeb enters rehab, recently a video made the rounds online that left no doubt whether Rudd and Segel smoke weed. The short video shows a particularly stoned Rudd and Segel attempting to get through an interview promoting their movie, I Love You, Man.

The video is seven minutes of giggling, funny faces, and an incredibly awkward interviewer who you can’t help but feel bad for. The interviewer starts off by trying to wrangle Segel and Rudd into answering his questions, but when he realizes that’s not going to happen, he attempts to play along with the actors’ inside jokes.

Some highlights include when they list off movies that contain the word ‘stone’ (as if you had any doubt at that point). Rudd’s creepy face that looks kind of like Tom Cruise, and Segel laughing so hard at himself that he cries.

If you’re having a rough day (and you’re not that poor interviewer) check out the video for seven minutes of pure ridiculousness — you won’t regret it.