Jason Snea


Visual Effects & Animation (19)

Edge of Winter 2016 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Intelligent Creatures) (Compositor)

Remember 2016 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Intelligent Creatures) (Compositor)

The Witch 2016 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Intelligent Creatures) (Visual Effects)

All Is Lost 2013 (Movie)

(Spin VFX) (Compositor)

Black Swan 2010 (Movie)

VFX Compositor(Technicolor) (Compositor)

The Messengers 2007 (Movie)

Compositor (Digital Effects Artist)

Little Man 2006 (Movie)

Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services VFX Toronto) (Digital Effects Artist)

The Fountain 2006 (Movie)

Lead Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services - Toronto) (Compositing Supervisor)

Alone in the Dark 2005 (Movie)

VFX Compositing Supervision (Compositing Supervisor)

Assault on Precinct 13 2005 (Movie)

Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services) (Digital Effects Artist)

Capote 2005 (Movie)

Inferno Artist(Technicolor Creative Services Toronto) (Digital Effects Artist)

Ice Harvest 2005 (Movie)

Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services) (Digital Effects Artist)

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2004 (Movie)

Visual Effects Compositing(Toybox) (Visual Effects)

Jason X 2002 (Movie)

VFX Compositor (Visual Effects)

Undercover Brother 2002 (Movie)

Visual Effects Compositing (Visual Effects)

The Cell 2000 (Movie)

matte artist/compositor(Toybox/main title sequence/2nd entry/Catherine's World & Catmibia) (Matte Painter)

Bride of Chucky 1998 (Movie)

(Gajdecki Visual Effects) (Visual Effects)

Killer Deal (TV Show)

2-D Artist

Must Be Santa (TV Show)

Visual Effects