Jason Sudeikis and Ashley Olsen Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Ashley Olsen certainly seems to be a fan of funny guys. First she went after the adorable Justin Bartha, which sent fans into a jealous rage and now she has her eyes on SNL star, Jason Sudeikis. The pair were spotted with their arms around each other at the Tower Heist premiere afterparty, where eyewitnesses claim they got cozy and “snuggled” in a back booth. Jason was even seen putting “his arm around” the fashion designer throughout the course of the night. While this is about as exciting as an awkward teen date, all signs seem to point to the conclusion that these two are on their way to being a full-fledged couple…if they’re not there already. I mean, don’t let the cutesy wording fool you — snuggling is serious stuff. Add spooning into the mix and you’re looking at a long term commitment.

On a side note, am I the only one that still gets creeped out at the thought of the Olsen twins dating? They’re my age, so it makes absolutely no sense, but when I look at them all I can see is the adorable Michelle Tanner from Full House who shouldn’t even be thinking about boys (except for Howie just because that had to be the cutest Full House episode ever — true fans will know what I’m talking about). Some celebrities are forever plagued with fans remembering them for a specific role and the Olsen sisters are a prime example. I just refuse to picture them all grown up (perhaps because they were substantially more popular back then than they are now). Either way — long live Michelle Tanner!

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Source: NYDN