Jean Carmet

Just two months after receiving an honorary Csar Award in 1994, French actor Jean Carmet died. It was a sadly poetic end for one of the Gallic film industry's most beloved performers. Carmet first gained Csar ... Read more »
Born: 04/25/1920 in France


Actor (69)

Roulez Jeunesse 2014 (Movie)

Michel (Actor)

Cache Cash 1993 (Movie)

Durandet (Actor)

Germinal 1993 (Movie)

Bonnemort (Actor)

Room 108 1993 (Movie)

Bertillon (Actor)

Le Bal des Casse-Pieds 1992 (Movie)

Mr Vandubas (Actor)

La Reine Blanche 1991 (Movie)

Lucien Soulas (Actor)

Merci, la vie 1991 (Movie)

The Old Father (Actor)

Le Sixieme Doigt 1990 (Movie)


Un Jeu d'enfant 1990 (Movie)

Grandfather (Actor)

L' Invite surprise 1989 (Movie)


La Vouivre 1989 (Movie)

Requiem (Actor)

Perigord noir 1989 (Movie)

Jean-Tou (Actor)

Le Moine et la sorciere 1988 (Movie)

The Cure (Actor)

Mangeclous 1988 (Movie)

Scipion (Actor)

Cold Cuts 1987 (Movie)

Murderer (Actor)

L' Age de Monsieur est avance 1987 (Movie)

Desire (Actor)

La Brute 1987 (Movie)

Defense Attorney Deliot (Actor)

Les Deux crocodiles 1987 (Movie)

Emile Rivereau (Actor)

Miss Mona 1987 (Movie)

Miss Mona (Actor)

Secret Obsession 1987 (Movie)

Zigou (Actor)

Les Fugitifs 1986 (Movie)

Mr Martin (Actor)

Moliere 1986 (Movie)

Bateleurs (Actor)

Mon beau-frere a tue ma soeur 1986 (Movie)

Esther's Uncle (Actor)

Suivez mon regard 1986 (Movie)


La Nuit Magique 1984 (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Le Matou 1984 (Movie)

Ratablavasky (Actor)

Sac de Noeuds 1984 (Movie)

Pharmacist (Actor)

Tir a Vue 1984 (Movie)

Commissioner Casti (Actor)

Canicule 1983 (Movie)

Socrate (Actor)

The Crime of Ovide Plouffe 1983 (Movie)


Circle of Deceit 1982 (Movie)

Rudnik (Actor)

Guy De Maupassant 1982 (Movie)

DeMaupassant's Valet (Actor)

Papy Fait de la Resistance 1982 (Movie)

André Bourdelle (Actor)

Un Chien dans un Jeu de Quilles 1982 (Movie)

Joseph Cohen (Actor)

Une Affaire d'Hommes 1980 (Movie)

Kreps (Actor)

Gros Calin 1978 (Movie)

Cousin (Actor)

Il y a longtemps que j'taime 1978 (Movie)

Francois Dupuis (Actor)

Un Si Joli Village... 1978 (Movie)

Judge Noblet (Actor)

Violette 1978 (Movie)

Baptiste Noziere (Actor)

Alice ou la derniere Fugue 1977 (Movie)

Colas (Actor)

Black and White in Color 1977 (Movie)

Sergeant Auguste Bosselet (Actor)

Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrive 1977 (Movie)

Camadule (Actor)

Le Sucre 1977 (Movie)

Adrien Courtois (Actor)

La Septieme compagnie au clair de lune 1976 (Movie)

Mr Albert (Actor)

Plus ca va, moins ca va 1976 (Movie)

Melville (Actor)

Les Oeufs Brouilles 1974 (Movie)

Marcel (Actor)

Dupont Lajoie 1973 (Movie)

Lajoie (Actor)

Le Retour du Grand Blond 1973 (Movie)

Maurice (Actor)

Un Linceul n'a pas de poches 1973 (Movie)

Bude (Actor)

Les Grands sentiments font les bons gueuletons 1972 (Movie)

Georges (Actor)

Pleure pas la bouche pleine 1972 (Movie)

Annie's Father (Actor)

The Holes 1972 (Movie)

Storekeeper (Actor)

Ursule et Grelu 1972 (Movie)

Lucien (Actor)

Elle cause plus... elle flingue 1971 (Movie)

Jambe Laine (Actor)

La Raison du plus fou 1971 (Movie)

Husband (Actor)

Le Grand Blond avec une Chaussure Noire 1971 (Movie)

Maurice (Actor)

Le Trefle a Cinq Feuilles 1971 (Movie)

Lord Picratt (Actor)

Les Malheurs d'Alfred 1970 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Les Novices 1970 (Movie)

2nd Client (Actor)

Les Yeux Fermes 1970 (Movie)

Stutterer (Actor)

And Soon the Darkness 1969 (Movie)

Renier (Actor)

La Rupture 1969 (Movie)

Mr Pinelli (Actor)

The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir 1968 (Movie)

Friend (Actor)

Very Happy Alexander 1968 (Movie)

La Fringale (Actor)

Any Number Can Win 1963 (Movie)

Barman (Actor)

La Belle Americaine 1961 (Movie)

Tramp on the Road (Actor)

The Vanishing Corporal 1961 (Movie)

Emile (Actor)


Just two months after receiving an honorary César Award in 1994, French actor Jean Carmet died. It was a sadly poetic end for one of the Gallic film industry's most beloved performers. Carmet first gained César recognition for the 1978 financial crime drama "Le Sucre," which cast him along superstar Gérard Depardieu. A few years later, he won his first of two Césars for helping continue the cinematic legacy of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." His portrayal of Thenardier, one half of the bad-guy couple, earned him Best Supporting Actor. He won another Best Supporting Actor prize in 1991 for playing the older version of Charlotte Gainsbourg's father in the Bertrand Blier drama "Merci la Vie." In between, Carmet was nominated back-to-back in 1986 and 1987 for, respectively, "Les Fugitifs" (Best Supporting Actor) and "Miss Mona" (Best Actor). The reach of Carmet's acting career was truly epic, dating all the way back to the early '40s. During his long and illustrious career, he occasionally popped up in English-language productions as well.