Jean-Francois Balmer


Actor (49)

Cosmos 2015 (Movie)


In the House 2013 (Movie)

Le proviseur du lycée (Actor)

Dead Europe 2012 (Movie)


Lucky Luke 2009 (Movie)

The Governor (Actor)

Tokyo! 2009 (Movie)

Maitre Voland (Actor)

The Valley 2008 (Movie)


Comedy of Power 2007 (Movie)

Boldi (Actor)

Part-Time Cops 2003 (Movie)

Albert (Actor)

Ce Jour-la 2002 (Movie)


Savage Souls 2002 (Movie)


Belphegor (le fantome du Louvre) 2001 (Movie)

Bertrand Faussier (Actor)

Charmant garcon 2001 (Movie)

Hector (Actor)

Saint-Cyr 2000 (Movie)

Jean Racine (Actor)

La Dilettante 1999 (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

The Swindle 1998 (Movie)

Monsieur K (Actor)

Beaumarchais: The Scoundrel 1997 (Movie)

Sartine (Actor)

X,Y 1996 (Movie)


Le Radeau de la Meduse 1994 (Movie)


My Chinese Sister 1994 (Movie)


The Light of a Dying Star 1994 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Crystal Book 1993 (Movie)

John Billeter-- (Actor)

East Wind 1993 (Movie)

Fathe Siegler (Actor)

Dien Bien Phu 1992 (Movie)

AFP Man--French Wire Service Reprter (Actor)

Golden Eighties 1992 (Movie)

M Jean (Actor)

Sam Suffit 1992 (Movie)

Mr Albert (Actor)

Twisting in Popenguine 1992 (Movie)

M Benoit (Actor)

Madame Bovary 1991 (Movie)

Charles Bovary (Actor)

Bal Perdu 1990 (Movie)


La Revolution Francaise 1989 (Movie)

Louis XVI (Actor)

Folie Suisse 1986 (Movie)


Le Derniere Image 1986 (Movie)

Miller (Actor)

Le Transfuge 1984 (Movie)

Captain Clement (Actor)

Un Amour de Swann 1984 (Movie)

Dr Cottard (Actor)

Urgence 1984 (Movie)

Murneau (Actor)

Le Roi de Chine 1983 (Movie)


Les Fauves 1983 (Movie)

Jeff (Actor)

The Blood of Others 1983 (Movie)

Arnaud (Actor)

L' Africain 1982 (Movie)

Planchet (Actor)

La Derelitta 1982 (Movie)


Le Quart d'Heure Americain 1981 (Movie)


Polar 1981 (Movie)

Eugene Tarpon (Actor)

Une Etrange Affaire 1981 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Neige 1980 (Movie)


Flic ou voyou 1978 (Movie)

Massard (Actor)

Ils sont grands ces petits 1978 (Movie)

Monestier (Actor)

L' Adolescente 1977 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Les Egouts du Paradis 1977 (Movie)

68 (Actor)

La Menace 1976 (Movie)

Waldeck (Actor)

Le Mouton Enrage 1973 (Movie)

Vischenko (Actor)


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