Jean-Hugues Anglade

The dark-haired, charismatic Anglade made his feature film debut in a small role in "L'Indiscretion" (1982) and followed with a critically-lauded leading role in Patrice Chereau's "L'Homme blesse/The Wounded Man" ... Read more »
Born: 07/28/1955 in France


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Villa Amalia 2009 (Movie)

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La Fache cachée 2007 (Movie)


It's Easier For a Camel 2004 (Movie)

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To Speak the Unspeakable: The Message of Elie Wiesel 1999 (Movie)

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Les Mille et une Marguerites 1985 (Movie)

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Subway 1985 (Movie)

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Dangerous Moves 1984 (Movie)

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Les Loups entre eux 1984 (Movie)

Richard Avakian (Actor)

The Indiscretion 1981 (Movie)

Jean-Francois (Actor)
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Tonka 1997 (Movie)



The dark-haired, charismatic Anglade made his feature film debut in a small role in "L'Indiscretion" (1982) and followed with a critically-lauded leading role in Patrice Chereau's "L'Homme blesse/The Wounded Man" (1983). In the latter, the 28 year-old played a gay teenager who becomes infatuated with a criminal (Vittorio Mezzogiorno) whom he kills in a fit of passion. Anglade was featured in a minor role in Richard Dembo's Oscar-winning "Dangerous Moves/La Diagonale du fou" (1984) before gaining exposure as Zorg, the narrator of Jean-Jacques Beineix's story of obsessive love "Betty Blue/37.2 le matin" (1985). That same year, he was featured as a roller-skater in Luc Besson's "Subway".

Anglade went on to portray a doctor in love with Nastassja Kinski in the romantic drama "Maladie d'amour" (1987). In his first (mostly) English-language film, 1989's "Nocturne indien/Indian Nocturne", he was a man, searching in vain for a friend who had disappeared in India, who begins to assume the missing person's identity. Anglade won praise for his magnetism and skill in essaying a neutral character who eventually develops an ambiguity as he travels across the sub-continent. In Besson's "Nikita/La femme Nikita" (1990), he was Marco, the unknowing boyfriend of Anne Parillaud's assassin-for-hire. Anglade appeared in the two-hander "Nuit d'ete en ville/A Summer Night in Town" (also 1990), as a gardener engaging in a sexual encounter with a teacher (Marie Trintignant). In the fantasy "Gawin" (1991), he essayed the role of a terminally ill young boy's father who pretends to be an extra-terrestrial to fulfill his son's dreams. He further demonstrated his range with his award-winning portrayal of King Charles IX opposite Isabelle Adjani's "La Reine Margot/Queen Margot" directed by Patrice Chereau. In Roger Avary's "Killing Zoe" (both 1994), Anglade was galvanizing as the mastermind of a bank robbery that goes fatally awry. He played a ruthlessly charming publisher courting Emmanuelle Beart in "Nelly & Mr. Arnaud" (1995).


Pamela Soo

together from c. 1992 born in India co-starred in "Tonka"


Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique de Paris

Paris 1980



Had leading role in "Mortel transfert/Mortal Transfer", directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix


Starred in "En Face"


Feature screenwriting and directorial debut, "Tonka"; also starred


Co-starred with Isabelle Adjani in Chereau's "La Reine Margot/Queen Margot"


Co-starred in Besson's "Nikita/La femme Nikita"


First English-language performance, "Nocturne indien/Indian Nocture"


First collaboration with Luc Besson, "Subway", co-starring Isabelle Adjani


First leading role in Patrice Chereau's "L'Homme blesse/The Wounded Man"


Feature film debut small role in "L'Indiscretion"


Arrested for stealing chocolate at age 15 (date approximate)