Jean-Marc Roulot


Actor (12)

Diplomacy 2014 (Movie)

Jacques Lanvin (Actor)

The French Minister 2014 (Movie)

Bertrand Castela (Actor)

Haute Cuisine 2013 (Movie)

Jean-Marc Luchet (Actor)

You Will Be My Son 2013 (Movie)

Docteur Vermont (Actor)

Louise Wimmer 2010 (Movie)


Rio Sex Comedy 2009 (Movie)

Antoine (Actor)

La Confiance Regne 2004 (Movie)


Betty 1993 (Movie)

Florent (Actor)

Every Other Weekend 1991 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

La Pagaille 1991 (Movie)

Michael (Actor)

Loin du Bresil 1991 (Movie)


Tartuffe 1984 (Movie)

Valere (Actor)