Jeanette MacDonald

Actor, Singer, Chorus girl
A gifted, vivacious Broadway soprano, the red-haired Jeanette MacDonald entered films in 1929 under the auspices of Ernst Lubitsch at Paramount and showed a flair for sophisticated comedy in a number of his spicy ... Read more »
Born: 06/18/1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (21)

The Lux Video Theater 1950 - 1960 (TV Show)


Screen Director's Playhouse 1955 - 1956 (TV Show)


Maytime 1936 (Movie)

(Miss Morrison/Marcia Mornay) (Actor)

San Francisco 1935 (Movie)


Naughty Marietta 1934 (Movie)

Princess Marie de Namours de la Bonfain (Actor)

The Merry Widow 1933 (Movie)

Sonia (Actor)

Love Me Tonight 1931 (Movie)

Princess Jeanette (Actor)

One Hour With You 1931 (Movie)

Colette Bertier (Actor)

Broadway Serenade (Movie)

Mary Hale (Actor)

I Married an Angel (Movie)

Anna Zador/Brigitta (Actor)

Let's Go Native (Movie)

Joan Wood (Actor)

New Moon (Movie)

Marianne de Beaumanoir (Actor)

Smilin' Through (Movie)

Moonyean Clare (Actor)

Sweethearts (Movie)

Gwen Marlowe (Actor)

The Firefly (Movie)

Nina Maria Azara (Actor)

The Girl of the Golden West (Movie)

Mary Robbins (Actor)

The Lottery Bride (Movie)

Jenny Swanson (Actor)

The Love Parade (Movie)

Queen Louise (Actor)

The Sun Comes Up (Movie)

Helen Lorfield Winter (Actor)

The Vagabond King (Movie)

Katherine de Vaucelles (Actor)

Three Daring Daughters (Movie)

Louise Rayton Morgan (Actor)


A gifted, vivacious Broadway soprano, the red-haired Jeanette MacDonald entered films in 1929 under the auspices of Ernst Lubitsch at Paramount and showed a flair for sophisticated comedy in a number of his spicy Continental musicals, especially opposite Maurice Chevalier. In such films as "The Love Parade" (1929), "Oh, For a Man" (1930) and "One Hour With You" (1932), MacDonald was typically cast as girlish but aristocratic types who display a surprising aptitude for risque banter when the occasion demands. Her best film from this early period was Rouben Mamoulian's superb "Love Me Tonight" (1932), opposite Chevalier.


Kid Rock Actor

at one time were engaged MacDonald broke it off because of his womanizing

Anna M MacDonald


Marie Blake

born in 1899 died in 1978 married to Warren Rock with whom she toured in vaudeville perhaps best remembered as Sally the switchboard operator in the long-running "Dr. Kildare" series of films and (billed as Blossom Rock) as Grandmama in "The Addams Family" on television

Nelson Eddy Actor


Daniel MacDonald


Gene Raymond Actor

Married from June 16, 1937 until her death in 1965

Elsie Scheiter

born c. 1896 died on October 2, 1970


Washington Irving High School

New York, New York

Julia Richman High School

New York, New York



Had arterial transplant performed


Collapsed while watching husband Gene Raymond performing in a play; rushed to hospital with appendicitis; later developed hepatitis


Last film appearance, opposite Claude Jarman Jr. and Lassie, in "The Sun Comes Up"


Returned to film after four-year absence in "Three Daring Daughters"


Set a concert attendance record at the Hollywood Bowl


Made opera debut in Montreal in "Romeo and Juliet" opposite Ezio Pinza


Final film under MGM contract, "Cairo"


Last of 8 films opposite Eddy, "I Married an Angel"


Starred in "Smilin' Through" opposite her husband, Gene Raymond


Appeared in most successful MGM film sans Eddy, "San Francisco"; that same year MacDonald made motion pictures exhibitors' poll of top ten boxoffice stars, placing 8th


First film opposite Nelson Eddy, "Naughty Marietta"


Last of 4 films opposite Chevalier, Lubitsch's "The Merry Widow"


Signed contract with MGM


Made last film at Paramount, "Love Me Tonight", opposite Chevalier


Set sail for Europe in December to give more extended concert tour


Journeyed to Europe to give concerts in Paris and London to dispel rumor that she had been killed by the irate wife of a prince with whom MacDonald was supposedly having an affair and that her "twin sister" had taken over her screen career


Made film debut opposite Maurice Chevalier in Lubitsch's "The Love Parade"


Made unsuccessful Paramount screen test


Broadway debut as chorus girl in "The Night Boat"

Reportedly seen by Paramount film star Richard Dix, who asked the studio to give her a screen test

Made first stage appearance (unexpectedly) at age 3; recited "Old Mother Hubbard"

Signed contract with Paramount after Ernst Lubitsch saw the screen test

Appeared mostly in concert tours, opera and on radio during 1940s; also kept busy with war benefits and charity performances

Appeared in a number of Broadway musicals during the 1920s, including "The Magic Ring", "Yes, Yes, Yvette", "Tip Toes", "Boom Boom", "Bubbling Over", "Sunny Days", and "Angela"

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A number of sources gives MacDonald's year of birth as 1901 or 1902; MGM press releases and even MacDonald's tombstone give the year 1907.


Billed as 'the girl with the red-gold hair and sea-green eyes' on Broadway, and sometimes known for her strong will as the 'Iron Butterfly' in Hollywood circles