Jeanne Balibar

Born: 04/12/1968


Actor (31)

Delight 2014 (Movie)

Echo (Actor)

Les nuits d'été 2013 (Movie)


Layla Fourie 2012 (Movie)


A Town Called Panic 2009 (Movie)

Madame Longray (Voice)

All About Actresses 2009 (Movie)


At Ellen's Age 2009 (Movie)


L' idiot 2009 (Movie)

Nastassia Philippovna (Actor)

Ne change rien 2009 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

The Girl From Monaco 2009 (Movie)

Helene (Actor)

Le Plaisir De Chanter 2008 (Movie)


Sagan 2008 (Movie)

Peggy (Actor)

The Duchess of Langeais 2008 (Movie)

Antoinette de Langeais (Actor)

Gone for a Dance 2007 (Movie)

Claudia (Actor)

Clean 2006 (Movie)

Irene Paolini (Actor)

Code 46 2004 (Movie)

Sylvie Geld (Actor)

Saltimbank 2003 (Movie)

Vanessa Bartholomioux (Actor)

Sade 2002 (Movie)

Madame Santero (Actor)

Toutes Ces Belles Promesses 2002 (Movie)


17 Times Cecile Cassard 2001 (Movie)


Avec tout mon amour 2001 (Movie)

Eugenia (Actor)

Le Stade de Wimbledon 2001 (Movie)


Le Stade de Wimbledon 2001 (Movie)


Who Knows? 2001 (Movie)

Camille (Actor)

Ca ira mieux demain 2000 (Movie)

Elisabeth (Actor)

Son of Two Mothers Or the Comedy of Innocence 2000 (Movie)

Isabella Stirner (Actor)

Late August, Early September 1999 (Movie)

Jenny (Actor)

Three Bridges Over the River 1999 (Movie)

Claire (Actor)

Dieu Seul Me Voit 1998 (Movie)


J'ai Horreur de l'Amour 1997 (Movie)

Dr Annie Simonin (Actor)

My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument 1997 (Movie)

Valerie (Actor)

La Croisade d'Anne Buridan 1994 (Movie)