Jeff Buckley

Born: 10/17/1966 in Anaheim, California, USA


Music (10)

My Sister's Keeper 2009 (Movie)

("We All Fall In Love Sometimes") (Song Performer)

Descent 2007 (Movie)

("You And I") (Song)

Descent 2007 (Movie)

("You And I") (Song Performer)

Feast of Love 2007 (Movie)

("Hallelujah") (Song Performer)

Edukators 2005 (Movie)

("Hallelujah") (Song Performer)

Lord of War 2005 (Movie)

("Hallelujah") (Song Performer)

The Dead Zone 2003 - 2004 (Tv Show)

Theme Music

Vanilla Sky 2001 (Movie)


Alice and Martin 2000 (Movie)

("Lilac White") (Song Performer)

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1999 (Movie)

("Last Goodbye" "Mojo Pin") (Song Performer)


Musicians Institute of Hollywood




Posthumous demos collection "Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk" released.


Debut album "Grace" released


Debut EP "Live At Sin-é" released


Solo debut at the tribute concert "Greetings From Tim Buckley"

Popular songs include "Hallelujah" and "Last Goodbye".

Known for such albums as "Grace" and "Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk"

Bonus Trivia


One of Jeff Buckley's musical heroes, Bob Dylan, described him as "one of the great songwriters of the decade"


Jeff Buckley first picked up a guitar at the age of 5 and wrote his first song, about a break-up with a girl, at the age of 13. "It was awful," he said.


The 2013 film "Greetings From Tim Buckley" dramatizes a 1991 tribute concert organized by producer Hal Willner in which Jeff Buckley (Penn Badgeley) makes his solo concert debut singing his father's songs.