Jeff Hyman


Music (16)

Young@Heart 2008 (Movie)

("I Wanna Be Sedated") (Song)

Shrek the Third 2007 (Movie)

("Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?") (Song)

The Hunting Party 2007 (Movie)

("I Wanna Be Sedated") (Song)

Final Destination 3 2006 (Movie)

("Blitzkreig Bop") (Song)

Nearing Grace 2006 (Movie)

("I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend") (Song)

Daddy Day Care 2003 (Movie)

("I Wanna Be Sedated") (Song)

School of Rock 2003 (Movie)

("Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio") (Song)

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 2001 (Movie)

("Blitzkreig Bop") (Song)

Sugar & Spice 2001 (Movie)

("Blitzkrieg Bop") (Song)

The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 (Movie)

("Judy Is a Punk") (Song)

200 Cigarettes 1999 (Movie)

("I Don't Care") (Song)

Detroit Rock City 1999 (Movie)

songs("I Wanna Be Sedated" "Blitzkreig Bop") (Song)

Idle Hands 1999 (Movie)

("I Wanne Be Sedated") (Song)

Slc Punk! 1999 (Movie)

("Cretin Top" "She's the One") (Song)

Carpool 1996 (Movie)

("I Wanna be Sedated") (Song)

Airheads 1994 (Movie)

("We Want the Airwaves") (Song)