Jeff Jingle


Visual Effects & Animation (6)

Pacific Rim 2013 (Movie)

Pilot Suits & Conn Pod Arms(Legacy effects) (Visual Effects)

Cowboys & Aliens 2011 (Movie)

Mechanical Technician(Legacy Effects) (Mechanical Special Effects)

Drag Me to Hell 2009 (Movie)

Mechanical Department(KNB Effects Group, Inc) (Mechanical Special Effects)

Where the Wild Things Are 2009 (Movie)

Mechanic(Jim Henson's Creature Shop) (Mechanical Special Effects)

I Know Who Killed Me 2007 (Movie)

Mechanical Designer (Mechanical Special Effects)

Domino 2005 (Movie)

Animatronic Goldfish Designer (Special Effects)
Physical Effects (4)

Disney's A Christmas Carol 2009 (Movie)

Motion Capture Artist (Motion Control)

I Know Who Killed Me 2007 (Movie)


The Country Bears 2002 (Movie)

Animatronic Technician(Jim Henson's Creature Shop) (Animatronics)

Jackie Chan Presents: Metal Mayhem 2000 (Movie)

(RS-1) (Puppeteer)
Actor (1)

The Big Bang Theory 2015 (Tv Show)

Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Mars Needs Moms 2011 (Movie)

Helmet Camera Technician(Performance Capture Unit) (Camera Coordinator)
Other (2)

Snow Dogs 2002 (Movie)

mechanics(Jim Henson's Creature Shop/animatronic demon designer & builde) (Other)

Stuart Little 2 2002 (Movie)

Mechanical Fabricator (Other)