Jeff Schu


Visual Effects & Animation (11)

Green Lantern 2011 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (Animator)

Alice in Wonderland 2010 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc) (Animator)

G-Force 2009 (Movie)

Character Animation Lead(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc) (Character Animation)

Eagle Eye 2008 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc) (Animator)

Speed Racer 2008 (Movie)

Computer Graphics Supervisor(Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc.) (CG Supervisor)

Beowulf 2007 (Movie)

Animation Lead(Imageworks) (Animator)

I Am Legend 2007 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

Surf's Up 2007 (Movie)


Monster House 2006 (Movie)

Lead(Character Animation) (Animator)

The Polar Express 2004 (Movie)

Character Animation (Animator)

Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within 2001 (Movie)

character animator (Animator)