Jeffrey Weissman

Born: 10/02/1958


Actor (10)

Hats Off 2014 (Movie)

Dr. Ball (Actor)

Our Feature Presentation 2014 (Movie)

Hugo Wilmington (Actor)

Weed 2014 (Movie)


Torn 2013 (Movie)

Mr. Angr (Actor)

Corked 2009 (Movie)

Jerry Hannon (Actor)

The Stranger in Us 2009 (Movie)


Back to the Future III 1990 (Movie)

George McFly (Actor)

Back to the Future II 1989 (Movie)

George McFly (Actor)

Pale Rider 1985 (Movie)

Teddy Conway (Actor)

Johnny Dangerously 1984 (Movie)

T-Shirt Vendor (Actor)