Watch Jelly Beans Teach Us How to Live Our Lives to the Fullest

We waste a lot of time worrying about how much time we’re wasting. Call it ironic, tragic, or funny in its own right, but it’s human nature all the same. If we’re lucky, we’ll reach the point where we kick that nasty habit of existentialistic brooding and actually start doing things to make ourselves happy, whether it’s catering to our creative passions, interpersonal relationships, or jelly bean cravings. See, indulging in a jelly bean craving might seem like just another waste of time (albeit a delicious one), but the above new video from Buzzfeed, appropriately titled “The Time We Have Left,” gives us some insight into the inspirational powers of the candy treat.

Credit: BuzzFeed

With each jelly bean representing one day in a human’s lifespan, the video illustrates just how much time we’re bound to spend sleeping, eating, working, commuting, and enacting all of the other mundane tasks with which we’re faced in our lives. With the remaining beans, the video asks us to find something we really love to do — to spend time with cherished friends and family, to pursue new or shelved dreams, to make ourselves genuinely happy.

So Jelly beans are actually pretty good for you. This counts! Amend your diet accordingly!

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