Jenna Fischer Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

If you were wondering why producers decided to make Pam pregnant again on The Office, it’s because Jenna Fischer — who plays Pam — was actually pregnant in real life, so they wrote it into the show’s plot (it’s a lot better than hiding her midsection behind desks and potted plants throughout the season). Fisher first announced that she was expecting in May, and it turns out the wait is finally over. Her rep has confirmed that television star gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 24th. In a statement, her rep commented that, “Mom and baby are doing great.”

So the big question is, what did she and her husband, Lee Kirk, decide to name their little bundle of joy? Thankfully, Jenna is as practical as Pam is and opted to select a less extreme name than some of her Hollywood counterparts and decided to name him Weston Lee. This is a very monumental moment for the actress, who has spoken in the past of her excitement about having children. After becoming an aunt, Fischer commented that “I already wanted kids, but even more so now.” Well her wish has finally come true. Congratulations to the happy parents and we’ll just have to wait and see if life will imitate art even further by having Pam give birth to a baby boy as well.

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Source: People