Jennifer Aniston Plans to Direct More Movies

Is Jennifer Aniston planning on trading in her Rom-Com Queen status for a comfy director’s seat? It looks like she’s certainly developed an interest in the area after directing one of the short films in the upcoming movie Five, which focuses on the impact of breast cancer. The whole process has been an amazing experience to the actress, who is also one of the executive producers on the project. During the movie’s premiere last night, Aniston commented,“It was like a dream come true, honestly, and such an important piece that we all were invested in. It was like working with, not only our best friends, but they’re also incredible producers, and all of us coming together. We just can’t believe that we’re actually here. It’s amazing.” When asked if we will be seeing more directing from her in the future, the Horrible Bosses star said, “Sure hope so. That’s the plan. I’m not sure what or when or where, but yes.”

Of course, she’s going to want to balance her career with her beau, Justin Theroux. But even though the couple have been spotted out on the streets of New York City, Aniston still claims Los Angeles will remain her home because L.A. is where she works. On whether or not she’ll ever consider staying in NYC forever, she said “Not permanently, no. It’s literally like a month or two, just bits and pieces here… But I just had to have a little place to lay my head,” she explains. The only question is…by “work” does she mean acting work or directing work? Perhaps both? We’ll have to wait and see.

Five, which also includes works directed by Demi Moore and Alicia Keys, premieres on Lifetime on October 10 at 9 PM.

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Source: Access Hollywood