Jennifer Aniston’s Credit Card Scammer Serves No Jail Time

jennifer anistonTalk about a hairdresser from hell — Beverly Hills salon owner, Maria Gabriella Hashemipour (arrested as Maria Gabriella Perez), was sentenced yesterday in federal court after taking credit card information and billing over $300,000 from famous clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway, and Cher last August.  And here I thought a haircut in Manhattan was expensive.  Hashemipour was facing up to 25 years in prison for two counts of access device fraud for, allegedly charging up to $214,000 on two of Tyler’s American Express cards over a 5 month period.  Did she really think these leading ladies wouldn’t notice this amount of money missing from their bank accounts?

No one steals from America’s Sweethearts and gets away with it…or do they?  In today’s hearing, she was sentenced to five years of probation, which will include nine months of home confinement, and ordered to perform 3,000 hours of community service.  That’s it?  No jail time?  Granted, Hashemipour still has to face her restitution hearing, which was continued until Oct. 17, 2011, so she may have to pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars she stole.  Let’s hope so!  These celebs need justice and so far the worst punishment is having to perform community service and home confinement (who is she – Lindsay Lohan?).  As of right now, the punishment certainly doesn’t seem to fit the crime.

Source: E Online