Jennifer Aniston’s Dad Approves of Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston may be constantly in and out of relationships with guys, but there’s one man who’s maintained a dominant presence in her life — her father John Aniston. The two of them stayed close over the years, making it evident she highly values his opinion. So now that her relationship with Justin Theroux seems to be getting pretty serious, it’s only natural to wonder what dear old dad thinks of his daughter’s new suitor. And it turns out — he couldn’t be more pleased.

US Weekly caught up with the Days of Our Lives actor over the weekend and discussed his thoughts about Theroux in a little more detail. The soap opera star commented that his daughter’s new beau is “a charming young man,” and added, “I think they make a wonderful couple.” He also mentioned he and his wife get together with the cute couple “whenever we can.”

Sounds like a rave review to me! It’s always a good sign when you get the father’s stamp of approval, especially when he’s seen his little girl hurt by men before. So now that Jennifer and Justin have gained parental approval, one can only wonder if a wedding will ever be on the horizon for them. Jen doesn’t exactly have the best track record with men, but I’m really hoping this one sticks.

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Source: US