Jennifer Aniston Takes Hiatus from Acting

jennifer anistonWe all knew her as the lovable Rachel from NBC’s hit show, FRIENDS and tried to forgive her for the repetitive rom-com failures (Brad Pitt broke her heart – the girl’s been through enough).  But now it looks like Jennifer Aniston has decided to focus all of her attention on her love life rather than her career (because she may as well try to excel at one of them) by going on hiatus.  A source states that, “Jen’s taking a year off from work to enjoy herself,” or rather spend time with her new beau, Justin Theroux, I have no doubt.  Is Jen letting herself get too wrapped up in another whirlwind romance or is she really just taking time off for herself?  Perhaps when she returns she’ll decide to venture out of her comfort zone genre and expand her acting range (fingers crossed).

Another close insider who is familiar with the actress’ schedule claims that after Horrible Bosses and the October release of Wanderlust, the only thing on her plate is developing The Goree Girls, an old project about singers in a women’s prison.  And who does she want to collaborate with on this project?  None other than Theroux himself!  Apparently the rom-com queen – who is known for developing relationships with her co-stars – is a huge fan of bringing her work home with her.  Let’s just hope this relationship doesn’t follow suit with the others or else I fear we will have to suffer through several more of Ms. Aniston’s movies with a sympathetic smile on our face. 

Source: US