Jennifer Lawrence Rushes to Help Fainting Woman: Go Katniss!

“Cat’s pajamas” isn’t a term that should be thrown around frivolously, but Jennifer Lawrence has earned due claim to the title. On Tuesday, the blossoming young actress embraced the heroism of her The Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen when she spotted and attended to an ill woman in the neighborhood of Santa Monica, Calif. According to Daily Mail, Lawrence and an unidentified male bystander (both pictured below) rushed to the aid of a woman when she suddenly collapsed.

Lawrence, 21, and the bystander called for paramedics after unsuccessful attempts to revive the woman:


This act of decency comes in addition to being simply one of the most likable stars in Hollywood — Lawrence has freaked out David Letterman, has beaten up The Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson, and has played “chicken ball” with Jimmy Fallon. And now this. The young star is hell bent on proving to the world just how incredible she is.

[Photo Credit: X17]


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