Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Spotted in Los Angeles Together

Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Spotted in Los Angeles Together

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper leaving the Wolseley restaurant. London, England 07-29-2011

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper were first spotted enjoying each other’s company last month in NYC when they had dinner together. But sources were careful to indicate their meal wasn’t romantic and was instead, just an opportunity for the two entertainers to discuss a project. However, now that photographers caught them hanging out again (this time in a car in Los Angeles on Saturday), what’s going to be their excuse this time around? In the photo, Lopez is sitting in the passenger’s seat and shielding her face from the onslaught of camera flashes, while Cooper attempts to navigate the car around the swarm of paparazzi that surround the vehicle.

Now, since both Lopez and Cooper recently got out of serious relationships (Cooper split with Renee Zellweger in March and Lopez split from her husband, Marc Anthony, in July), it is entirely possible they are each other’s rebounds. And while Cooper seems like a nice guy to help Lopez get over Anthony, Lopez seems like a pretty bad person to help Cooper get used to the idea of dating again. Rebounds are supposed to be casual relationships — they’re supposed to slowly help you build your confidence back up again and then when you start feeling like your old self, you discard them. But Lopez is a terrible rebound for Cooper because nothing about her is casual. NOTHING. Nothing about her is regular, relaxed, or low key. Everything about her is high maintenance, accelerated and extreme (case in point, she may be avoiding the photographers by putting her hands up in front of her face…BUT HER NAILS ARE BLUE! Additionally, you’ll recall that Lopez can’t even get her mail without causing the eruption of mass hysteria among the world’s men). The bottom line is if Cooper’s going to get over Renee, he should latch onto someone like Zooey Deschanel, who can teach him how to cross-stitch or show him where the antique stores are that sell all the best windup toys. The only thing Lopez is going to help Cooper feel better about are the locks on his doors.

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