Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Sure About Marrying Again

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez may have found happiness with her new beau Casper Smart, but don’t expect her to be tying the knot anytime soon. In an appearance on the Today show this morning, the singer/actress had a heart-to-heart with Matt Lauer and admitted that she has no plans of getting married in the near future. But that’s not to say it won’t ever happen again. When Lauer posed the question: “Do you think you’ll marry again?,” a flustered JLo responded, saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, I don’t know,” adding, “It’s not time to think about that yet. It’s still fresh.” So it doesn’t seem like she’s totally against the possibility of once again saying “I do.”

However, it does seem a little premature to even be asking such a question, even by Hollywood’s standards. Lopez announced her separation from her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, last July and only started dating Smart this past fall, so it’s a little early to even be thinking about wedding bells. Not to mention she’s already had three failed marriages, which isn’t exactly something to brag about. For now, she should focus on having fun and fulfilling any career responsibilities she has (i.e. American Idol). There’s plenty of time in the future for a fourth failed marriage — no need to rush it.

And as for her current working relationship with her now ex-husband, Anthony, Lopez claims things are going great (the two of them have a new television show together called ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen). She explained, “Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years, and we always loved each other. And we always worked together, so it wasn’t an unnatural thing for us to continue working together. And, obviously, we have children together, so it’s not going to be like he’s not in my life. He’s always going to be in my life.”

To see the full interview with JLo, check out the video below:

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Source: Today