Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Join Forces in ‘Dance Again’ Single

jennifer lopezIt’s difficult to listen to a Jennifer Lopez song and not start swaying to the music — and her latest single “Dance Again” is no exception. The American Idol judge premiered the single — which also features the rapping styles of her “On the Floor” cohort Pitbull — on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM radio show March 30. Like most of her other popular hits, the song is made up of extremely catchy lyrics with a fist-pumping beat. It makes you want to get up and dance again.

“First of all, I love it,” Lopez told Seacrest about her newest collaboration. “I love the message of the song — that when something bad happens, your life is not over. You have to get up. You’re gonna live. You’re gonna be OK. You’re gonna dance again.” And, of course, JLo admitted to using her own personal experiences to help relate to the lyrically empowering message. 

She even altered some of the lyrics after her shocking split with Marc Anthony surfaced. “I think when [the song] came to me, it was the perfect moment,” Lopez explained. “I definitely related to that. I think it’s a good thing to put it out there right now, because everybody goes through tough moments. Everybody goes through hard times, and I am no stranger to that myself… Actually, we rewrote some of the lyrics to fit into that message.”

But as for what words she ended up changing, JLo says you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself. “You listen and you decide!” she laughed. 

Check out the audio below to unlock the mystery and enjoy the colorful aesthetics.


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