Jennifer Lopez’s Music Video For ‘Papi’ Makes Men Swoon

Jennifer Lopez was nice enough to remind the world of her impeccable acting skills by creating a short film to help promote Papi, the newest single off her Love? album. Sure, the song has a killer beat that’s fit to be blasting at all of the top-notch clubs, but it also has something that only our J. Lo diva can provide: an extensive plot about the wonderfulness that is J. Lo, to be exact. The story begins as our forlorn singer, dressed in sweats, goes to retrieve her mail from the front desk of her hotel (who knew people still get paper mail these days?), and the mail lady offers her a magical cookie that will bring her love back to her. Although she’s warned to take a small bite, Lopez doesn’t listen (shocking) and takes a huge bite from the heart-shaped treat and BOOM: the male population of an entire city is chasing after her. Like that’s not what she really wanted to happen in the first place.

Cut to the next morning — Lopez’s “character” is heading out to her car while all of the men around her fall under her magical cookie-coma trance. The singer-turned-actress-turned-singer again doesn’t disappoint, hamming up all the attention, but at least feigns confusion as to why all these men are throwing themselves at her. There’s a car chase scene, a few sultry looks, and then a major dance fest featuring (you guessed it) J. Lo! The song is catchy, the dancing is enjoyable, and the acting….well, see for yourself:

And here I was always taught to never take candy from strangers. I guess cookies are the exception.

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Source: NY Mag