Jennifer Lopez Wants $20 Million to Return to ‘American Idol’

jennifer lopezLooks like there’s trouble in Idol City. There have been several reports that Jennifer Lopez is in the process of striking a deal to renew her contract as a judge on American Idol for next season. As we should have expected — her money demands are pretty high and are said to be worth $20 million just to renew her contract for one year (diva much?). Well with all this talk of course this gets the other judges thinking and wanting more of that gold at the end of the Idol rainbow. Page Six is reporting that fellow judge, rocker Steven Tyler, is requesting his own pay to be bumped up. The Aerosmith singer is already said to be tied into a two-year deal worth about $10 million a year, while Randy Jackson has said he’s committed to coming back to the show. Way to show that it’s not all about the money dogg.

A source claims that Tyler’s management is arguing for their client to get more money saying, “They argue he was just as sensational and as popular on the panel as Jennifer. But, on the other side, show bosses argue he’s tied into a deal and has to stick to it. However, it’s hoped they can come to a compromise to keep Steven happy, because the producers love him.” Look what you’ve started Jenn. The show is turning into less about finding undiscovered talent and more about which judge can get more money from the show. Another source says that while the money deal with J.Lo has been agreed, the final negotiations center around scheduling her Idol appearances with her other movie and TV commitments. So now only is she demanding an insanely greedy amount of money, but they’ll also have to work around her schedule? This is extra diva behavior even for J Lo.

A spokesman for Lopez stated, “Talks are ongoing — she has nothing to announce as yet.” He refused to comment on Tyler and Jackson. A rep for Tyler also declined to comment, as did Fox. A rep for Jackson hasn’t given any statements either. No one is talking. Sounds like the calm before the storm to me — we’ll just have to see who wins this race to the highest pay grade. Hopefully some sort of agreement can be made before Idol kicks off its 11th season in January.

Source: NY Post