Jennifer Lopez Wants Her Own Reality Show

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez was recently named People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person of This Year That Isn’t Even Close To Being Over Yet, and the cover article profiled how she’s not a drop of hand sanitizer different than any other mother of three year-old twins who says “staying beautiful is part of the job.” Noticeably absent from the magazine’s profile of just how BEAUTIFUL Lopez’s life is (which seems to only consist of bonding with her son by painting his toe nails blue and letting her daughter pick out her mother’s wardrobe) were details of her professional successes, of which there are many: she has a clothing line, a fragrance, a television production company called Nuyorican Productions that she co-founded with Benny Medina, an acting career, a judge’s seat on American Idol, and an unmistakably BEAUTIFUL restaurant in Pasadena, California.

But it’s starting to look like Lopez plans on expanding her BEAUTIFUL empire even more, as EW is reporting that she would like to build her own reality show. She has already partnered up with Idol producer Simon Fuller to search for a network that would air her very own series called Que Viva, where viewers would watch as Lopez and her husband Marc Antony travel around Latin America in search of finding musically gifted individuals.

In terms of her American Idol commitments, Lopez’s contract requires that she keep judging, BEAUTIFULLY, MIGHT I ADD, for the rest of the season. It’s likely producers will want her to sign on for another year (even though this season’s ratings are somewhat lower than last year), but since Lopez and Fuller are both spearheading Que Viva, Fuller is probably more than willing to work out an agreement where Lopez can appear on both shows. The question is whether or not she can dart back and forth between South America and Los Angeles BEAUTIFULLY.

Source: EW