Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets a Billboard Cut-Out of Her Boobs — VIDEO

ALTOn April 18, Jennifer Love Hewitt made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was treated to a rather big surprise. The late night host presented the actress with a massive billboard cut-out of her boobs from her revealing promotional poster for The Client List, after she mentioned how sad she was to see them all start to be taken down. So, as the saying goes: be careful what you wish for.

Of course, Hewitt was mortified given the overall size of her breasts in the cut-out. “It looks like a horror movie,” she jokingly exclaimed. “They’re like King Kong’s!”

You can always rely on Kimmel to give a gift that keeps on giving. And hey, it’s not like Hewitt would go out and buy the billboard herself.

Check out the clip below to get up-close and personal with the 33-year-old star’s most talked about piece of anatomy.


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