Jenny Lewis’ ‘Just One of the Guys’ Video Will Make You Like Kristen Stewart And Anne Hathaway Again


Of all the actresses in Hollywood, nobody inspires the kind of anger, vitriol, and mean tweets that Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway recieve every time they release a film, attend a premiere, appear on a talk show, or just leave the house. We get it; who wouldn’t start to snap after having to endure intense arguments about the merits of Jacob versus Edward, or being forced to listen to that dreadful Oscar speech over and over again for months on end? By now, just the sight of their faces is enough to send some people into a rage spiral… which is why Jenny Lewis’ new music video might be just what they need to finally embrace Stewart and Hathaway.

For her song “Just One of the Guys,” Lewis recruited the former Bella Swan and Mia Thermopolis, along with indie darling Brie Larson (who everybody already likes) to play some backup guitar and portray some obnoxious members of the opposite sex. Wait, wait, hear us out, because the final product makes Stewart and Hathaway seem rather endearing, actually. The girls playing guitar and keytar behind Lewis are the starlets as we’re used to seeing them: Stewart is serious and confrontational and Hathaway makes a series of overly-dramatic faces at the camera. But then, they put on some tracksuits and stick-on mustaches and something magical happens.

Jenny Lewis, Just One Of The Guys Music VideoYouTube/Jenny Lewis

They become absolutely ridiculous. Stewart, rocking a vintage-Bieber bowl cut, struts around the stage, gesturing come-ons to the camera and laughing at herself – see? It is possible! – and Hathaway, writhing around on the floor, pretending to breakdance is the kind of self-mocking we love to see from celebrities. Look at that dramatic, single tear. Does it feel rehearsed? Of course. Is it dumb and kind of hilarious? Definitely. If this was Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone, we’d be all over it. We’d make it this year’s Halloween costume.

And hey, they’re hanging out with Larson and Lewis, so they must be kind of cool, right? Do you think either of those champs would hang out with anyone who wasn’t secretly awesome? Even if they weren’t before the video shoot, they certainly are now. The Larson/Lewis brand of cool is the kind that transfers through association. If we can put our faith in their songwriting abilities or choice of film projects, surely we can also put our faith in their choice of co-stars.

Come on, Hathaway is playing the keytar! Do you really think anyone who takes themselves too seriously would actually play the keytar? It’s the official instrument of ‘80s tribute bands and precocious teenagers everywhere. Even the tuba is a cooler instrument. Don’t make Anne Hathaway play the tuba for your affections, America. She’s atoned enough. Allow Lewis’ catchy song to help mend this rift between you, Stewart and Hathaway. They just want to entertain you, and that’s exactly what they’re doing in this video. Besides, once we put these differences behind us, we can move on to more important things, like the fact that Larson looks like a long lost Tenenbaum in drag.