Jens Albinus


Actor (12)

Nymphomaniac: Volume I 2013 (Movie)

S (Actor)

Everything Will Be Fine 2010 (Movie)


This Is Love 2009 (Movie)


The Boss of It All 2007 (Movie)

Kristoffer (Actor)

The Early Years--Erik Nietzsche Part 1 2007 (Movie)

Trois (Actor)

In Your Hands 2004 (Movie)

Carsten (Actor)

Dancer in the Dark 2000 (Movie)

Morty (Actor)

The Idiots 2000 (Movie)

Stoffer (Actor)

The Bench 1999 (Movie)

Kim (Actor)

Portland 1997 (Movie)

Carsten (Actor)

Portland 1997 (Movie)

Carsten (Actor)

The Humiliated 1997 (Movie)