Jeong Jin-yeong


Actor (17)

Grandfather 2016 (Movie)


Time Renegades 2016 (Movie)

Chief Kang (Actor)

Yourself and Yours 2016 (Movie)


Ode to My Father 2015 (Movie)

Yoon, Jin-gyu (Actor)

Tabloid Truth 2014 (Movie)

Mr. Park (Actor)

SIU 2011 (Movie)


The Case of Itaewon Homicide 2009 (Movie)

Park (Actor)

Sunny 2008 (Movie)


For Eternal Hearts 2007 (Movie)

Hyeon Su-yeong (Actor)

Narara Heo Dong-gu 2007 (Movie)


The Happy Life 2007 (Movie)


Domabaem 2006 (Movie)


The King and the Clown 2005 (Movie)

King Yonsan (Actor)

Darmaya Nolja 2001 (Movie)


Bicheon Mu 2000 (Movie)

Nam-gung Jun-kwang (Actor)

Hi, Dharma! (Movie)


Sunny (Movie)