Jeremy Irons’ Opinions on Gay Marriage are as Bizarre as You’d Expect

 Jeremy Irons

All-around kooky-yet-serious actor Jeremy Irons has got some bizarre opinions, and he decided to share some of his thoughts on the hot topic of marriage equality. In an interview with The Huffington Post on Wednesday, the Academy Award winner explained that while he does not have particularly strong feelings on the subject, he does believe that it raises interesting questions.

The biggest concern Irons has is about advocates for same-sex marriage as opposed to civil unions. “It seems to me that now, they’re fighting for the name and I worry that it means somehow we debase or change what marriage is,” Irons says. “I just worry about that.”

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The Borgias star also raises some… rather unique points of view about incest, inbreeding, taxing estates, death duties, marrying his son, and marrying his dog(?). “I just wish everybody who is living with one other person the best of luck in the world, because it’s fantatsic,” Irons added. “Living with another animal, whether it be a husband or a dog, is great. It’s lovely to have someone to love.”

Irons, you’re so weird. Let’s say it all together now: You have no idea.

Watch the full interview below:

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