Jeremy London Joins ‘Celebrity Rehab’

ALTFresh out of “kidnapper” Brandon Adams’s basement, where he was held captive and forced to smoke weed and drink alcohol, Party of Five star Jeremy London is set to appear in the fourth season of Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s VH1 series, Celebrity Rehab. He will check into Pasadena Recovery center shortly, where he’ll stay for three weeks and film 8 hour-long episodes that will air before the end of the year. Joining him will be supermodel Janice Dickinson, Jason Wahler of The Hills, Leif Garrett (who’s from something I’m too young to know about) and Frankie Lons, who’s Keyshia Cole’s mother. Oh, and also…Tiger Woods’s mistress, Rachel Uchitel. So as you can see, Lindsay Lohan is still going to jail. Oh, and also, Brandon Davis will be joining them. You’ll remember him as the person who coined the ever-endearing term, “fire-crotch.” What a group, am I right?

Of all of them, Jeremy London’s reason for participating in the show is strange. He’s been struggling to stay sober for several years, has an estranged wife, and a kid he’d probably like to see more than he does. Why would he elect to participate in the shenanigans that is Dr. Drew Pinsky? Why would any of them, for that matter? They’re all after fame, especially Brandon Davis, Jason Wahler, Rachel Uchitel, Janice Dickinson. As for Leif Garret, the poor guy’s probably just looking for something to do. Frankie Lons, as far as I’m concerned, is the rando teddy bear you pull out of a vending machine full of pink rabbits. But London should be taking the more serious route and doing rehab privately. He probably wants to prove that he was, in fact, kidnapped and bullied into smoking a doobie and drinking a beer, even though he’s got the body and strength of a mover and the smile of a dentist. If anything, we’ll get to learn more about this incident on the show, and how we can protect ourselves when our kidnapper wants to reward us for good behavior by smoking us up.

Source: MTV, People