Jeremy Strong


Actor (16)

Masters of Sex 2016 (Tv Show)


Black Mass 2015 (Movie)

Josh Bond (Actor)

The Big Short 2015 (Movie)

Vinny Daniel (Actor)

Time Out of Mind 2015 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

Selma 2014 (Movie)

James Reeb (Actor)

The Judge 2014 (Movie)

Dale Palmer (Actor)

Parkland 2013 (Movie)

Lee Harvey Oswald (Actor)

See Girl Run 2013 (Movie)

Brandon (Actor)

The Good Wife 2011, 2013 (Tv Show)


Lincoln 2012 (Movie)

John Nicolay (Actor)

Robot & Frank 2012 (Movie)

Jake (Actor)

Zero Dark Thirty 2012 (Movie)

Thomas (Actor)

The Romantics 2010 (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Humboldt County 2008 (Movie)

Peter Hadley (Actor)

The Happening 2008 (Movie)

Private Auster (Actor)

Vaterspiel 2008 (Movie)

Bruce (Actor)
Art Department (1)

The Crucible 1996 (Movie)

art department intern (Art Assistant)



Gained mainstream attention after he appeared alongside Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon in the big-budget historical crime drama "Black Mass"


Played Lee Harvey Oswald in the historical drama "Parkland"


Appeared in the Oscar-winning thriller "Zero Dark Thirty"


Landed his first recurring TV role on "The Good Wife"


Appeared in his first film, "Humboldt County"

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Strong studied acting at Yale and appeared in several Off-Broadway plays prior to becoming a notable film and television actor.


One of Strong's first jobs in show business was as Daniel Day Lewis' personal assistant on 2005’s "The Ballad of Jack and Rose."


"Being in India and shooting ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was equally exciting. I have friends who have served (in the military), and everyone felt a huge responsibility to verisimilitude and people who lost lives." -- from Variety, January 1, 2013