Jerome Cowan

Actor, Vaudevillian
Born: 10/05/1897 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (86)

The Comic 1969 (Movie)

Lawrence (Actor)

Frankie and Johnnie 1966 (Movie)

Wilbur (Actor)

Penelope 1966 (Movie)

Bank Manager (Actor)

The Gnome-Mobile 1966 (Movie)


The House Next Door 1963 - 1964 (TV Show)


The Patsy 1964 (Movie)


John Goldfarb, Please Come Home 1963 (Movie)

Brinkley (Actor)

Critic's Choice 1962 (Movie)

Joe Rosenfeld (Actor)

A Pocketful of Miracles 1961 (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

All in a Night's Work 1960 (Movie)

Sam Weaver (Actor)

Visit to a Small Planet 1960 (Movie)

George Abercrombie (Actor)

Have Rocket, Will Travel 1958 (Movie)

J P Morse (Actor)

The Alcoa Hour 1955 - 1957 (TV Show)


Valiant Lady 1953 - 1957 (TV Show)


Young Man With a Horn 1950 (Movie)


The Girl From Jones Beach 1949 (Movie)


Always Leave Them Laughing 1948 (Movie)


The Fountainhead 1948 (Movie)


Miracle on 34th Street 1947 (Movie)

Thomas Mara (Actor)

Dangerous Years 1946 (Movie)


G.I. Honeymoon 1945 (Movie)


Mr. Skeffington 1945 (Movie)

Edward Morrison (Actor)

The Kid From Brooklyn 1945 (Movie)


Jungle Captive 1944 (Movie)


Mission to Moscow 1942 (Movie)


The Song of Bernadette 1942 (Movie)


A Gentleman at Heart 1941 (Movie)


The Maltese Falcon 1941 (Movie)

Miles Archer (Actor)

City For Conquest 1940 (Movie)


High Sierra 1940 (Movie)


Melody Ranch 1939 (Movie)


She Married a Cop 1938 (Movie)


The Great Victor Herbert 1938 (Movie)


The Goldwyn Follies 1937 (Movie)


Hurricane 1936 (Movie)


New Faces of 1937 1936 (Movie)


Shall We Dance 1936 (Movie)

Arthur Miller (Actor)

Vogues of 1938 1936 (Movie)


A Night in Paradise (Movie)

Scribe (Actor)

Affectionately Yours (Movie)

Cullen (Actor)

Beloved Enemy (Movie)

O'Rourke (Actor)

Blondie Hits the Jackpot (Movie)

Radcliffe (Actor)

Blondie's Big Deal (Movie)

George Radcliffe (Actor)

Blondie's Reward (Movie)

George Radcliffe (Actor)

Blondie's Secret (Movie)

Mr. Radcliffe (Actor)

Castle on the Hudson (Movie)

Ed Crowley (Actor)

Claudia and David (Movie)

Brian O'Toole (Actor)

Deadline at Dawn (Movie)

Lester Brady (Actor)

East Side of Heaven (Movie)

Claudius De Wolfe (Actor)

Exile Express (Movie)

Paul Brandt (Actor)

Flight to Nowhere (Movie)

Gerald Porter (Actor)

Fog Island (Movie)

Kavanaugh (Actor)

Getting Gertie's Garter (Movie)

Billy (Actor)

Guest in the House (Movie)

Mr. Hackett (Actor)

Joan of Ozark (Movie)

Phillip Munson (Actor)

Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey (Movie)

Belden (Actor)

June Bride (Movie)

Carleton Towne (Actor)

Kiss the Boys Goodbye (Movie)

Bert Fisher (Actor)

Ladies' Day (Movie)

Updyke (Actor)

Moontide (Movie)

Dr. Frank Brothers (Actor)

Mr. Ace (Movie)

Peter Craig (Actor)

Mr. and Mrs. North (Movie)

Ben Wilson (Actor)

Murder in the Music Hall (Movie)

George Morgan (Actor)

My Reputation (Movie)

George Van Orman (Actor)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Movie)

Whitney Courtland (Actor)

One Foot in Heaven (Movie)

Dr. Horrigan (Actor)

Out of the Fog (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Peggy (Movie)

Mr. Collins (Actor)

Silver Spurs (Movie)

Jerry Johnson (Actor)

Street of Chance (Movie)

Bill Diedrich (Actor)

The Bugle Sounds (Movie)

Nichols (Actor)

The Crime Doctor's Courage (Movie)

Jeffers Jerome (Actor)

The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (Movie)

Mallory Cartwright (Actor)

The Fat Man (Movie)

Lieut. Stark (Actor)

The Fuller Brush Girl (Movie)

Harvey Simpson (Actor)

The Gracie Allen Murder Case (Movie)

Daniel Mirche (Actor)

The Great Lie (Movie)

Jock Thompson (Actor)

The Old Maid (Movie)

Joe Ralston (Actor)

The Perfect Marriage (Movie)

Addison Manning (Actor)

The Quarterback (Movie)

Townley (Actor)

The Saint Strikes Back (Movie)

Cullis (Actor)

The Unfaithful (Movie)

Prosecuting Attorney (Actor)

The West Point Story (Movie)

Jocelyn (Actor)

There's Always a Woman (Movie)

Nick Shane (Actor)

Torrid Zone (Movie)

Bob Anderson (Actor)

Who Done It? (Movie)

Marco Heller (Actor)



Film acting debut