Jerome Ranft


Art Department (12)

Inside Out 2015 (Movie)


Brave 2012 (Movie)


Cars 2 2011 (Movie)


Toy Story 3 2010 (Movie)


WALL-E 2008 (Movie)


Ratatouille 2007 (Movie)


Cars 2006 (Movie)


Finding Nemo 2003 (Movie)


Monsters, Inc. 2001 (Movie)

sculptor(art department) (Art Department)

Titan A.E. 2000 (Movie)

character sculptor (Art Department)

A Bug's Life 1998 (Movie)

sculptor(art) (Art Department)

James and the Giant Peach 1996 (Movie)

sculptors (Art Department)
Actor (2)

Coraline 2009 (Movie)

Voice of Mover (Actor)

Up 2009 (Movie)

Voice of Gamma (Actor)
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill 1995 (Movie)

model maker(Matte World Digital) (Visual Effects)
Sound (1)

Toy Story 3 2010 (Movie)

Voice(Skywalker Sound) (ADR Voice Casting)


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