‘Jersey Shore’s’ Pauly D. Gets A Spin-Off

pauly dRadar Online reports that last Thursday, instead of being at the shore and tattooing a lady figure to stand next to the Cadillac tattoo that runs up the side of his torso, Pauly D. started shooting his spin-off show at his hometown in Rhode Island and by Saturday, the production had upped itself and moved to The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Since Pauly’s “job” is what three people would consider to be a DJ, producers are looking to title the show something around the concept of Pauly D. traveling the country and spinning music…which of course leads us to the rumored title of Pauly’s Entourage.

So yeah, just like when the aliens emerged out from under the concrete in War of the Worlds, Pauly D. is really climbing the ladder towards launching his own empire. This makes him the third star of Jersey Shore to really take his own celebrity seriously (Snooki just got a book deal and possibly her own show on MTV and The Situation has done everything short of selling a line of knitting goodies on QVC). But at least we’re not seeing Ronnie trying to market a pillow you put in the corner of your room so as to soften the impact when you fall into it after drinking Ron Ron juice all night.

What will this mean for our beloved Jersey Shore? Probably nothing. If anything, we’ll hear about a dispute over salary between him and Shore producers, where he’ll command more money than the other cast members because he’s developed a whole separate show of his own. If he’s lucky enough that it puts him on par with the likes of The Situation and Snooki, then he’ll get his desired raise and he’ll stay as close to the franchise as Vinny’s mom’s spaghetti noodles are to the Hostess cupcakes in the duffel bag they both came in. However, if his new show catapults him to somewhere great — like a bedazzled Pluto — it’ll take more than matching The Sitch’s paycheck to get him back.

Source: Radar Online