Jesse James Accused of Cheating on Kat Von D

Shocking news! A woman claims Jesse James hooked up with her while he and Kat Von D were “on a break.” But apparently she’s feeling a little used and misunderstood about the whole situation, so she decided to do the mature thing and posted a rant about him on the website The woman kicked off the little rampage with some kind words, stating, “You can’t stay faithful because you hate yourself, therefore you secretly hate everyone else in your life. That’s why you treat women like sh*t. Why don’t you finally be a man and tell everyone why Kat dumped you this time? Is it because you lied to her and said that you didn’t see anyone while you two were ‘on a break.’ How did she find out about me Jesse? I know you didn’t tell her, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t even know that you two got back together until the entire world found out.”

She went on to say how at least she had the decency to know her relationship with her husband was really over before she slept with Jesse and also added, “I’m disgusted with myself more than I am with you, I should have known better. Any man who spends every second on his phone texting is up to no good. Ironic how you spend so much time on your phone but won’t return any of my texts or emails. I bet I have your attention now don’t I? Oh by the way, thanks for the parting gift you left me…..that’s the ONLY REASON why I’m not telling the world exactly who I am but you most certainly know.” So either he left her a really nice present that she doesn’t want to return OR she’s referring to an STD. I’m leaning toward one guess more so than the other.

I find it hilarious she believes the world will find this information surprising. This guy has a pretty bad cheating record (just ask Sandra Bullock), so why would we think he was Mr. Honesty after all his past affairs have been revealed? And is it just me or does this woman seem more upset about him not returning any of her calls or texts rather than the fact that cheating occurred? If he had simply thrown a little love her way then she probably wouldn’t be complaining about him on the internet. Well, now Kat knows a little of what it’s like to be in Sandra Bullock’s shoes.

Just for the record, Kat and Jesse are still broken up and since this story was published, and so I’m guessing it’s going to stay that way…at least for a while.

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Source: Radar