Jesse James Chops Off His Pinky Finger, Shares Stump on Instagram

Credit: Wylde / Splash News

If cheating on America’s favorite leading lady, Sandra Bullock, and then hooking up (and subsequently breaking up) with questionable tattoo artist Kat Von D didn’t prove that Jesse Jameshas poor judgment, then this will. The 44-year old television personality, motorcycle aficionado, and general scumbag chopped off the tip of his right pinky finger while working in his Texas shop on Tuesday. He then posted the grisly evidence on Instagram.

Those with strong stomachs can take a look at James’ severed digit here and here. James said of the photos, “OOOpps, Bad day at the office. Headed 2 Surgery in a few #PayUpSucker” and “Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, Nice know’n you little buddy #jessejames #westcoastchoppers.”

We just say, “Ew.”

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