Jesse James Says Sex with Kat Von D Is Better Than Sex With Sandra Bullock

jesse james kat von dThere are various articles in this week’s round of celebrity magazines that explore Jesse James’s relationship with famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D, and it’s obvious  he’s talking to all these outlets to try and redeem himself after he did the unthinkable and cheated on Sandra Bullock. He has tried to get us to focus on the reformation of his character by talking about how great his new relationship with Kat is, and seemingly making an effort to avoid saying anything disparaging about our Sandy Bull. For instance, in one of People’s articles, Jesse explains that he and Kat have something he’s never had with anyone else, and how they fell in love at the worst possible time. He has said, “We fell in love at the worst possible time. I’m being chase around [by paparazzi] like a dog and here comes this angel. Not only does she love me, but she loves me so much that she was willing to subject herself to everything that I was going through and [endure] all the ridicule that she got for being with me…She loves me like no woman ever has, 100 percent. Man, she has my back.” (That last comment is an interesting choice of words, considering Sandra Bullock thanked Jesse for having her back during her acceptance speech when she won a Golden Globe for her role in The Blind Side.) In the very same article, he also says “I believe 100 percent that she loves me and you know what? I’ve never believed that about anybody.”

But Jesse was bound to slip up and speak unnecessarily at some point, and who better to bring him to that place of vengeful ridicule than Howard Stern? Yesterday, Jesse appeared on Howard’s radio show and even though Jesse was there to promote his new book, he obliged Howard in answering the question of who (Sandra Bullock or Kat Von D) is better in bed. Jesse answered, “That one is an easy no-brainer. Kat Von D. One hundred percent. She’s a vixen. If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her.” He then continued to talk about how his fourth marriage to Kat will be the one that will stick and then said more about how he never believed Sandra Bullock loved him, and then complimented Kat again for standing by him throughout all his Nazi troubles. If he’d been allowed to keep talking, he’d probably would have credited her with cooking a mean turkey, too.

Source: Radar