Jessica Simpson In Talks For $4 Million Weight Watchers Deal

Jessica Simpson is constantly scrutinized for her fluctuating weight and now with a baby on the way, the fight to get fit will be even tougher. But the singer is confident she can bounce back to a slim figure in no time — in fact, she’s even willing to put money on it. US Weekly exclusively learned the mom-to-be is currently in talks with Weight Watchers about signing a $4 million deal to follow one of their plans as she loses her pregnancy pounds.

After gaining weight in recent years, a source claims Simpson had every intention of entering into a partnership with the company, but then she got pregnant so no such deal was made. According to an insider, Simpson would have one year to use The PointsPlus program to “lose a significant amount of weight” under the new contract, and she would then be given the chance to showcase her transformation in several Weight Watchers ads  (like their current spokeswoman, Jennifer Hudson was).

This sounds like a pretty good idea since it would be a great way to prove to pregnant women it’s possible to lose baby weight after giving birth. However, I found it rather interesting how the company neglected to mention what happens if Simpson is unable to lose enough weight in time. I mean really — what would happen if she were in breech of her contract? I guess the answer’s obvious…she’d have to give up the baby. Okay, not really, but you have to admit it would certainly provide a strong incentive to lose weight. Cruel, but effective!

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Source: US