Jessica Simpson’s Major Meltdown

Jessica Simpson is entitled to an off night.

Problem is she did it in front of about 9,000 people last night in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while opening for Rascal Flatts.

According to E!, she started the evening by lamenting the fact her boyfriend Tony Romo couldn’t be there that night, how much she loved him, dedicated her song “You’re My Sunday” to him.

Then she started to forget lyrics and actually asked the band to start over on her song “Pray Out Loud.” At one point, she mouthed “Sorry” to the monitors.

She explained tearfully, “My voice is weak tonight and I feel so vulnerable onstage.” And just before she closed the 38-minute set, she mentioned how sometimes, like this particular disastrous night, she wished she could just walk off the stage. She then thanked her band for not being upset and appeared to wipe tears away as she exited the stage, E! reports.

Thankfully, the fans were tremendously supportive and cheered her on through her screw-ups. “I felt bad for her tonight,” one told the local paper. “Magazines are ripping her, being so harsh, and she’s gorgeous.”

Yeah, give the girl a break — she isn’t performing brain surgery.

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