Jessica Simpson Thinks She’s Having A Girl

It’s pretty common for pregnant women to have inklings about whether they’re having a boy or a girl, and Jessica Simpson proves to be no different. This week, she told People she thinks she’s having a girl, even though her fiancé, Eric Johnson, believes they’ll be welcoming a boy. But Jessica isn’t keen on letting the speculation continue for too much longer, and she told Us Weekly that she plans to officially find out the baby’s gender on Monday. As to why she’s not waiting until the birth, she said, “I like to plan things out. It’ll be good to know what colors to make the nursery. I’m obsessed with thinking about what it’s going to look like.” Eric also agreed to find out before the big arrival, and said “I don’t think we can wait. Jessica is too honest about everything, she needs to know. I don’t think she can hold that secret to herself.” Eric says Jessica is “too honest”? So she was being blunt when she spent the first two-thirds of her pregnancy not saying anything about it? Oh yes, of course!

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Sources: People, Us