Join Jim Gaffigan to Talk ‘Dad Is Fat’ and Father’s Day in Our Google+ Hangout

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This Sunday is Father’s Day, so what better time to discuss the joys and terrors of fatherhood with Jim Gaffigan? (Okay, mostly terrors.) The comedian, who’s starred in everything from 13 Going on 30 to Portlandia, with many theaters sold-out for his standup act along the way, has written a new book, Dad Is Fat. It chronicles his life raising five kids eight-and-under in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

He’ll be talking about Dad Is Fat and taking your questions in a Google+ Hangout at Noon ET/9:00 AM PT today. So get your questions ready for him!

Gaffigan will be joined by YouTube star Matthew Clarke, who’s created the viral “Convos With My Two-Year-Old” series and also Mike Adamick who’s just released the parenting book Cry It Out. You can watch the YouTube live stream of our Hangout with Gaffigan & Co. right here at Noon ET. See you then!

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