Jim Morrison May Get Pardoned

Jim MorrisonAnd they say that the government is slow! To those people out there who doubt the efficiency of the United States government, to those who accuse the government of being out of touch and ineffective, to those who charge the government of not doing anything that affects their lives personally, to them I say behold! Jim Morrison may be granted a pardon on a charge of indecent exposure in Florida forty years ago! What do the small government supporters think of that?!

Morrison supporters have been petitioning Florida governors for years to let the singer of The Doors off the hook (dismissible evidence! He didn’t do it!), but with Governor Charlie Crist now a lame duck governor after being defeated in his bid for a senate seat, they might just get their wish. Governor Crist has said that he might consider pardoning the singer but he would still need the consent of two members of the Florida Board of Executive Clemency. So his fate is still up in the air but it’s the first positive step forward in forty years.

When reached for a comment, Morrison had this to say: “I’m extremely glad that the Governor of Florida has finally come to his senses and taken positive steps to lift this awful burden from my shoulders. My family and friends thank the Governor from the bottom of all of our hearts for removing this embarrassing stigma. Thank you Governor Crist.” Afterwards the reporter who gathered that quote was admitted into a mental hospital for hallucinating talking to ghosts.

Source: CNN